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Name:Poison Ivy
Disclaimer: Pamela Lillian Isley, and Poison Ivy, are no creation of mine, but the creation of Robert Kanigher to be put into the world created by Bob Kane.

Pamela Lillian Isley - Her Biography

You don't want to run into her in the middle of Robinson Park...not if you've wronged the ecosystem in anyway. might get a sweet kiss out of it...but with that sweet kiss...well...there's also the fact that after you've had it, you're going to die.

Pamela Isley, better known to the world at large as Poison Ivy, is perhaps the purest epitome of a woman scorned and a woman who then rights herself.

Born into a wealthy family in Seattle, Washington Pamela was attracted to botany from an early attracted, in fact, that it became her major at college. When there, she met and fell in love with a grad student - and TA - named Marc LeGrand. It was a whirlwind romance - and one that she naturally assumed would end in marriage. Of course, as Marc insisted, the marriage would happen after he had enough money to treat her as the princess that she was. While Pamela and Marc continued on with their heated romance, in her botany class, Pamela was seduced by the thirst of knowledge to partake in her science professor, Dr. Jason Woodrue's plant toxin experiments. These experiments introduced deadly toxins and plant cells into her bloodstream, and these fused with her very essence - turning her into something beyond human.

Soon after Pamela started these experiments, Marc approached Pamela and told her that he might be able to make a fortune with a discovery based on an urn containing ancient Egyptian herbs. The only way they could get the herbs, though, was to steal it from the museum. Pamela, being the genius that she was, offered to do just that, not knowing that the herbs were truly an untraceable, extremely deadly poison that made cyanide look like sugar. The night she steals them for him, Marc slips some of them into her drink thinking that the herbs will kill her - getting rid of the one person who knew of his part in the theft. Due to Doctor Woodrue's experimentation on Pamela, though, instead of killing her, Pamela's system resisted the poison and assimilated it, making her immune to all poisons and toxins. This new immunity of hers then developed - through Woodrue's continued testing - Pamela's poison touch and her infamous deadly poisoned kiss.

Learning that these two men in her life betrayed her as such when Woodrue and Marc both make attempts to kill her, Pamela instead gives them a bit of their own back by getting rid of them. Knowing that she's more goddess than human, Pamela then sets out to use her powers by committing crimes of eco-terrorism and dangerous passion under the guise of Poison Ivy.

Pamela Lillian Isley - Her Weapons

Poison Ivy is immune to all forms of poison and her body manufactures poisons at will, Thus giving her a poisonous touch and kiss, both of which have proven to be fatal. Her weapons of choice run the spectrum of natures painful defenses, and they include arbed whipping vines and poisoned darts. Pamela is also highly skilled in archery and uses her crossbow mercilessly against opponents. Poison Ivy, nearly a demi-goddess herself, also has the ability to make plants grow at an exceedlingly unnatural, extremely fast rate. Plants are naturally drawn to her, and some things - like vines, seem to gravitate towards the green goddess whenever she's around them. Poison Ivy has often used potions to seduce, exploit, and perhaps murder her victims who are usually men. Men of power. Her scientific mind is her greatest asset and all of mankind's worst enemy. Her twisted experiments have created the most fearsome of horticulture. Nightmares which she uses, laughingly, against her victims, if for no better reason, to strike fear into their screaming hearts. But, Poison Ivy is not without weakness. Her overconfidence, in her power over others, and her vanity are her worst enemies. To reject Poison Ivy, and her seductive nature, is to "defeat" her...that is if-she doesn't kill you first.
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